I consider certifications as the ultimate learning tools. That is quite frankly all. A learning experience that gives you skills, understanding, knowledge, but not entitlement or guarantees. Well, the above is not a factual statement, it’s an expression of attitude. In it, I consciously choose to be empirically incorrect – even wrong (I will explain how in a short while) – while focusing, laser-sharp, on the thing that is important. It is an attitudinal heuristic or a value judgement, if you will. And in this…Continue Reading “On: Certifications. In IT and in general”

Doxygen allows the generation of documentation from source code files for various languages: C/C++, C#, JAVA, Python and others. This is a short document on how to work with it, serving as a reminder for me and maybe helping others at the same time.

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YouTube videos can take a massive amount of time to upload. For example, 30 FPS, MP4 video of size 870,4 MB takes around 2 hours on < 1Mbps upload speeds: To minimize that time I use a simple workflow (i) and a script that feeds video files into HandBrake video transcoder (ii). You can find the installation steps for HandBrake here. My workflow is simple: - Download the videos from my phone/camera to my laptop; - Add them to appropriate folders that I create based...Continue Reading “How To: Batch prepare videos to upload to youtube with HandBrake”

Attention: this was supposed to be a long-ish tutorial when it was first published. While it was in the process of being written PhantomJs was deprecated. Everybody and their mama are using puppeteer for all the tasks that other used PhantomJs for.   How to get the HTTP response code of the page: If you mainly used curl for troubleshooting, you actually will be surprised that HTTP response code is not readily available on PJS … although its not that hard to get either console.log('—-…Continue Reading “How to: PhantomJs”

The philosophizing … There are dimensions of software products that differentiate them from other systems. To a large extent compatibility between iterations is one such dimension. This probably is because of the tempo at which software pieces are being delivered compared to other systems – if you want to release often and build the piece incrementally you better make sure that people will not have to waste time recreating everything they have done with the previous versions… or that the added value of the new…Continue Reading “How To: Exporting dashboards, visualizations and saved searches from Kibana v4.0.1 … and some software philosophizing”

Games have two big advantages that help you learn. Keep in mind that they help you learn in a very specific way that might not be suited well to your career, work environment and goals: Speed – competitive environment where speed is rewarded makes you think fast. However, trying to complete the tasks ASAP also might teach you to take corners and become sloppy. Be mindful of that. Fun – you will not have that much fun at work, getting used to it might lower…Continue Reading “List: online competitions that help you learn”

IT / software – professional / enterprise blogs: IT / software – personal blogs: IT / software – twitter channels:  IT / software – youtube channels:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjC1hn78yZqTf0vdTC6wAQ/playlists Gate Lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula IT / software – great free books: TCP/IP Python Networks http://intronetworks.cs.luc.edu/current/html/index.html  

Most endeavors people undertake are subject to the 80/20 principle, sometimes referred to as “the vital few and the trivial many”. Web application security may be said to also be subject to it – most of the attacks can be dodged by hiding the error messages and infrastructure information, getting the auth and session management right, following secure development practice cheat-sheets that abound on the internet – the vital few. Having a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in front of your backend web server and a…Continue Reading “On: DOM based XSS injection. The workings and the protection”

The process of leaving Software Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE) position behind after 3 years of climbing the “hill” from junior QAE to lead QAE, does not leave you with a shortage of things to reflect on. One of the rare ones worth sharing is the idea that striving for technical competency in QA profession (whether it is required or not) is important from at least two perspectives – company’s and the person’s. In this post I will present a personal position on the matter w/o trying…Continue Reading “On: being “technical” in a QA profession”