docker-compose.yml version: '3.7' services:   app:     build:       context: .       dockerfile: .docker/Dockerfile     image: 'laravelapp'     command: bash -c 'sleep 10 && php artisan migrate:fresh –seed && php artisan serve –host'     ports:       – 8001:8000     depends_on:       db:         condition: service_started   db:     image: mysql:5.7     restart: always     ports:       – "3301:3306"     environment:       – MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pass       – MYSQL_DATABASE=laraapp_db       – MYSQL_USER=root       – MYSQL_PASSWORD=pass     volumes:       – ./db:/var/lib/mysql Dockerfile FROM php:7.4.1-apache USER root WORKDIR /var/www/html RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \         iputils-ping procps \         vim \         libpng-dev \         zlib1g-dev \         libxml2-dev \         libzip-dev \         libonig-dev \…Continue Reading “How to: Dockerizing Laravel App”

Let’s create a Chrome Plugin, step by step. Create icon.png [link to creating an icon in photoshop [ ]] and icon_128.png (19×19 and 128×128 pages). Create images directory Create the manifest.json file and add this content: //

This post is in progress, please see the slides below. This demo is oriented to people who don’t have much time. If you see any errors / mistakes please leave a comment in this blogpost below (in the comments area):   See these tutorials for a more complete example:

Problem This is how the issue looks like, the current clock speed is off, it is never at minimum during boot time. The Fix … or rather two of them: Remove the battery and while the power cord is plugged – turn the computer on. Press F2 immediately to enter BIOS to verify that the issue is fixed immediately. If you don’t want to void the warranty by opening the laptop – completely discharge the battery by turning computer on repeatedly until nothing happens when…Continue Reading “How To: Fix DELL XPS 5520/5510 CPU stuck at 800MHz /0.78GHz issue”

UPDATE: Nodejs driver 3.X.X introduces a bunch of incompatible changes compared to 2.X.X versions. For one, you will need to use projections instead of field selectors. Also, you will need to pass results from functions by calling callback() which will pass the variable to the caller. function GetTenantIDFromName(exp, db){   let rxPtt = new RegExp(exp, 'gi');   let tID = db.collection('Tenant')     .find({ "Name": { $regex: rxPtt }},{"_id":1})     .toArray();     return tID; } // possible way to call this let tID = GetTenantIDFromName(tenant, db); tID.then(function(polluterTenantId){   console.log(polluterTenantId); }); function GetTenantIDFromName2(exp,…Continue Reading “On: some gotchas working with mongoDB”