Finally some problems for the new 2020 Mac’s with M1 integrate chip. See: The problem with the port shutting down the machine when an unsupported device is plugged in is a disgrace, but for me the SSD issue is much more interesting. I was a concern I had when I found out that the SSD is not replaceable, but now that we know MAC OS is so swap-happy it’s much more of a concern. We’ll see how fast this will eat up those…Continue Reading “Mac M1 Problems”

Ubuntu 14.04 update to PHP7.4 was unsuccessful. Apt repo in ./sources.list.d/php.list updated their TLS cypher suite and it no longer supports those cypher suite that gnutls in ubuntu 14.04 supports (concretelly gnutls-cli (GnuTLS) 2.12.23 version). Possible solutions would be: try to update gnutls try to install PHP7.4 w/o apt Since I was planning to update my WP server to finally use docker and move it to some modern hosting provider (Linode and Digital Ocean are the primary considerations currently) I decided to not fix this…Continue Reading “Ubuntu 14.04 update to PHP7.4 was unsuccessful”

General description – what the hell will we try to do here: When you find yourself chasing memory leaks, or Heisenbugs for a long time chances are you will have a huge debug log. If the disk gets full and you need only the logs at the end when the problem raises it’s ugly head, use the technique described here.   The technique involves: closing the file handle where the process writes the logs currently – int creat(const char *path, mode_t mode); creating a new…Continue Reading “Hot-swapping a log file on a running process w/ GDB w/o stopping it”

Sometimes you find yourself cheeping out an giving not enough space on you virtualbox host machine. Self-sabotage, masochism – who knows the reasons that rule the decision of not assigning the default 8GBs of space that is ALLOCATED AS NEEDED. Sometimes you give it 32 gigs, and finding that all of a sudden that is not enough… In any case you have the privilege to reverse some mistakes of planing and this is one of them reversible types. Since software is constructed following the principle…Continue Reading “How To: Increase the Size of Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora VirtualBox guest host … and some LVM usage stuff”