This is a list of sayings, clever quotes, juicy wisdom nuggets applicable in CS/IT/SE. I invite you to not evaluate these as true or false and Mastery is in part knowledge compression into useful tiny bits that enable you to make decisions fast. Spiral repetition (aka iteration) is both THE key to personal learning and A key to product success. Repetition might not be a form of automation, but it’s a necessary (not sufficient) requirement. Corollary: “automation first” is highly inefficient. Fast decisions == high…Continue Reading “List: words of wisdom for software engineers”

Thiel was born in Germany, moved to US as a young child, is a Stanford philosophy BA, VC who was involved in Y Combinator, Paypal, has invested in Tesla and SpaceX, early investor in FB. He excelled in math as a youth and was a Valedictorian in his high-school graduation. Currently @ almost 3 billion net worth. The ideas outlined below are heavily paraphrased and modified.

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Games have two big advantages that help you learn. Keep in mind that they help you learn in a very specific way that might not be suited well to your career, work environment and goals: Speed – competitive environment where speed is rewarded makes you think fast. However, trying to complete the tasks ASAP also might teach you to take corners and become sloppy. Be mindful of that. Fun – you will not have that much fun at work, getting used to it might lower…Continue Reading “List: online competitions that help you learn”

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