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Here me, myself and I – the dream team trio – just dump a collection of usefully smelling WordPress plugins and some adventures we had with them in the virtual worldz.


This one is what-for-backups of your WP content (if your VPS el proveedor does not provide backups of the entire content of un servidor). If offers backups to S3 buckets, Dropbox and multiple other. I enabled UpdraftPlus w/ Google Drive following these instructions (might be outdated due to Agile and the flexibility it gave for project managers/designers/some business people to play around with user interfaces for no reason whatsoever, causing mental effort of having to continuously relearn the UI, xi xi): THE_LINK

The Ip rules were again in the way – not the first time, not the last. We’ll live through it:

I started throwing away the IP addresses in order to find the one from gooooogle that my WP blog it trying to connect (you will not see if you omit, the -nn option, the domain is different). How do you do that? You just repeat the failing action with tcpdump enabled, eliminate some IPs that are just distractions and then check if the IP belongs to your target.

sudo tcpdump -i any port 443 and not host and net -nn > Flags [S.] > Flags [S.] > Flags [S.]

… and so it went untill it gave up trying to connect to google… it gave up, but we never do. And so on we sent.
[email protected]:~$ whois -h "-v"
AS      | IP               | BGP Prefix          | AS Name
15169   |   |     | GOOGLE - Google Inc., US

Then add the exception. Do not mix up –dport and –sports. You will receive a response from 443 as well and since you will probably have a rule that will allow almost anything from the

# Allowing google drive connection for UpdraftPlus backup
-A INPUT -s -d -p tcp -m multiport --sports 80,443 -j ACCEPT

And all problems were solved … and not a single (additional) f$*! was given that day.

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