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IT / software – professional / enterprise blogs:

Resource & hyperlinkWait, what is that?

The best compilation of articles on software, science, economics and even politics.

Luminis blog. The company creates modular, reusable software components (plugins, libraries ... I'm guessing).

Packagecloud blog - some great Linux Networking articles are in this blog. The company provides cloud service to store and handle packages

IT / software – personal blogs:

Resource & hyperlinkWait, what is that?
Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings

Flask's author and contributor's to many opensource projects blog. Good technical reading on Rust and Python.

Julia Evans Blog

- a very great, technical blog. She has a section of her favorite articles:

First I read about the Joel Test I was immediately moderately impressed. Continued reading it ever since.

Ubiquiti CEO's blog. Good read.

A recovering physicists (Evan Sangaline) new addition - data scrapping. And the technical memoirs of him unknowingly sinking into it. Get a taste: Reverse Engineering Hacker News Ranking Algorithm

IT / software – twitter channels: 

IT / software – youtube channels:

Gate Lectures by Ravindrababu Ravula

IT / software – great free books:



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