Pyenv allows the usage of several python interpreters on the system: C:\Users\Mindaugas\Desktop\deletethis>python -V Python 3.7.4 C:\Users\Mindaugas\Desktop\deletethis> cd ..\deletethisalso C:\Users\Mindaugas\Desktop\deletethisalso python -V Python 3.9.6 Note, that if you see the system-wide python interpreter version and other versions are not turning on when using pyenv check whether the systems python interpreter is in the global system path or local user path (on windows). Remove the entry if that it the case and you should be able to switch with pyenv.

If you are developing scripts automation, prototypes or use vs code for learning you need to rerun your code often. A greate VS Code extension for that is “Save and Run”, link: marketplace.visualstudio… It allows you to run the script you are editing immediately when you press “save”. Be careful not use the older and largely abandoned (it seems): marketplace.visualstudio…emeraldwalk.RunOnSave

Finally some problems for the new 2020 Mac’s with M1 integrate chip. See: The problem with the port shutting down the machine when an unsupported device is plugged in is a disgrace, but for me the SSD issue is much more interesting. I was a concern I had when I found out that the SSD is not replaceable, but now that we know MAC OS is so swap-happy it’s much more of a concern. We’ll see how fast this will eat up those…Continue Reading “Mac M1 Problems”

Since I’m personally affected by the Citybee “hack” (it’s actually not even a hack, read on to find out why), I decided to put some info together in this post to make sense of it. I will try to update it as soon as I get more info myself. The information is not authoritative, but I will do my best to at least add arguments and source of information. Situation Evening 2021.02.15, Facebook groups started alerting about the leaked Citybee database (a database dump was…Continue Reading “Citybee hacked, database leaked.”

Ubuntu 14.04 update to PHP7.4 was unsuccessful. Apt repo in ./sources.list.d/php.list updated their TLS cypher suite and it no longer supports those cypher suite that gnutls in ubuntu 14.04 supports (concretelly gnutls-cli (GnuTLS) 2.12.23 version). Possible solutions would be: try to update gnutls try to install PHP7.4 w/o apt Since I was planning to update my WP server to finally use docker and move it to some modern hosting provider (Linode and Digital Ocean are the primary considerations currently) I decided to not fix this…Continue Reading “Ubuntu 14.04 update to PHP7.4 was unsuccessful”

docker-compose.yml version: '3.7' services:   app:     build:       context: .       dockerfile: .docker/Dockerfile     image: 'laravelapp'     command: bash -c 'sleep 10 && php artisan migrate:fresh –seed && php artisan serve –host'     ports:       – 8001:8000     depends_on:       db:         condition: service_started   db:     image: mysql:5.7     restart: always     ports:       – "3301:3306"     environment:       – MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=pass       – MYSQL_DATABASE=laraapp_db       – MYSQL_USER=root       – MYSQL_PASSWORD=pass     volumes:       – ./db:/var/lib/mysql Dockerfile FROM php:7.4.1-apache USER root WORKDIR /var/www/html RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \         iputils-ping procps \         vim \         libpng-dev \         zlib1g-dev \         libxml2-dev \         libzip-dev \         libonig-dev \…Continue Reading “How to: Dockerizing Laravel App”

Let’s create a Chrome Plugin, step by step. Create icon.png [link to creating an icon in photoshop [ ]] and icon_128.png (19×19 and 128×128 pages). Create images directory Create the manifest.json file and add this content: //

This post is in progress, please see the slides below. This demo is oriented to people who don’t have much time. If you see any errors / mistakes please leave a comment in this blogpost below (in the comments area):   See these tutorials for a more complete example:

This is a list of sayings, clever quotes, juicy wisdom nuggets applicable in CS/IT/SE. I invite you to not evaluate these as true or false and Mastery is in part knowledge compression into useful tiny bits that enable you to make decisions fast. Spiral repetition (aka iteration) is both THE key to personal learning and A key to product success. Repetition might not be a form of automation, but it’s a necessary (not sufficient) requirement. Corollary: “automation first” is highly inefficient. Fast decisions == high…Continue Reading “List: words of wisdom for software engineers”

The sudden news that Guido Van Rossum quit being the BDFL came as a shock in the python community. Apparently, the reason was a debate and a lot of negative feelings expressed over: PEP 572 — Assignment Expressions. As Guido writes: “I don’t ever want to have to fight so hard for a PEP and find that so many people despise my decisions.” Read more about it here: